My final blog. it seemed like yesterday that I was just starting my project and it was nothing more than an idea. Now I will have a full first chapter posted to a public site, with 34 pages and will have pages 1-10 of chapter 2. Hopefully, I will find the time to continue my story once I’m back to regular schooling but if I don’t I know for a fact that this doesn’t matter as the whole point of this project was to know what making a comic was like, and to get a feel for the process. If you want to learn about my graphic novel and it’s connection to propel then follow the link there you can even find my social media to see what I’m up to after propel or if you want to see my actual comic go to and tell me what you think!

It’s ending, all too soon I will have to say goodbye to the amazing family we created here in propel and the memories from coming up with ways to make fun of our teachers, to decorating the class with memes for Christmas, and the horrible dad jokes that we had to hear every day, I’ll miss it all. Now I will be coming back after the break to start a bit of chapter two and get ready for my final presentation but I know it will go by all too fast. So if you want to see my presentation or anyone else I say you should we have all worked so hard sometimes even crying so come see our wonderful projects and maybe even join propel yourself. I guess this is my final goodbye, merry Christmas.



Overestimated, Overworked, and Overtired

Don’t overestimate! That is the biggest advice I think I could give to people working on a project with a deadline. Sadly this was learned from personal experience as I hugely overestimated my ability too both balance other school work and the amount of pages I could get done for my comic. My five chapter comic is now looking to only have one finished by the end of Propel, which while sad I think the improvement of my art style will 100% be worth it.
The changes in my project has also changed my timeline which I keep track of with a Gantt chart in excel. Gantt charts are basically visual schedules in which it gives you a timeline of when you would begin and finish certain tasks in a project depending on what you input.

This is a photo of my timeline/Gantt chart and to give a brief explanation of what this means, all you need to know is that the purple blocks are chunks of pages that I plan to get done in a week that you can see on top. The more I get done, the more the block fills dark purple.

For now I’m more on track with what I’m supposed to get done but that is because I just changed around my timeline to accommodate how behind I was. To be honest, now that I only have to finish one chapter instead of five, a lot of stress has been lifted from my shoulders now that I have a more reasonable goal. I am a week behind with one of my page chunks which has me worried, but all I can do is just work harder to catch up, if I have to pull all nighters I guess that’s just life.
My timeline is fixed, my goals are propositional, and my art is improving. All good things have happened so as long as my luck keeps up the plans for the upcoming weeks should be a steady workflow of line work, colour, and details then rinse and repeat for the set pages which are 16-20 then 21-25. Crossing my fingers that I catch up.

Burn Out

To the Stars Who Listen my web comic has been my baby for the past two months and just like a child it has left me exhausted, but proud. After almost mentally dying doing my chapter one storyboard, I had to change my timeline for when I post my comic episodes on tapas to every three weeks because I would not be able to keep up my previous timeline for every two weeks.
Now that my new posting schedule is in place, it is time to start on my action plan and the key milestones involved that I will accomplish, I will have a very wash, rinse, and repeat type of timeline with the steps of storyboarding, line art and adding colour and details applied to each of my five chapters. With my momentary art block/ burn out I’m feeling quite tired and uninspired so I hope to shake this and continue working effectively and also feel proud of what I am creating.
The upcoming weeks as I have said will be very repetitive but I hope that will get me into a schedule that will keep me on track. I am very close to finishing my storyboard for chapter one and already have seven pages fully illustrated with two more on the way, if I pick up my pace more I feel as though I can get this done. Once chapter one is fully storyboarded I will finalize them and begin storyboarding chapter 2 at the same time.

Proof of Concept

My poc went very well and with no problems. My plan was simple but effective I even ended up making more pages than originally planned. What I learned the most about is how to properly develop a storyline and incorporate it into my graphic novel in an artistic medium. My big picture goal is to have 5 fully illustrated “chapters” as well as working to improve both my artistic skill and what I’m willing to accept as ‘good enough’ this will include; proper body proportions, backgrounds being detailed with proper symmetry, and perspective.

I will also have to work on plot related things. Such as my take away from the story which is something I’m still working on and am kind of stumped, I plan to look at the 22 Pixar story telling and pick three tips so I can better my plot. Along with that I will also pick one or two people to read my plot and give me tips and their opinion. Once I finish the first chapter and it is fully illustrated I will get my beta reader to go through it before I publish it onto Tapas (the webcomic site I’m using). My big picture goal and what it takes to get there is so far going as well as my poc and I hope it will continue to do so.


First weeks

Three weeks ago I joined propel and within these first weeks, I feel as though I have a good impression of the program. The program has a wonderful homey feel and we have become a little family it’s a nice feeling to be able to go up to anyone and have a conversation. The free learning environment is amazing with minimal but effective lessons. I can truly tell that I won’t regret signing up.

The only downside is gym which is confusing and has way too many components to make it easy to slide into. It took 6 classes to explain how gym class was going to work if that doesn’t speak for itself well… So if I was going to change something that would be my pick.

I have finally received my POC (proof of concept) which is a set of tasks that you have to complete to prove you can go through with your project. My project is making a graphic novel, so my POC is creating character sheets, a story timeline, and the first two pages with 10 panels. This is a challenge I’m looking forward to! I hope that making these pages in the time I have will prove to be not as difficult as I’m imagining because I want to make my graphic novel around 5 chapters. I also wish to use Instagram along with my novel so I can document, update, and promote it and gain more readers as I will posting it on an online comic site called tapas.

In the end, I hope to have a full graphic novel, a better online presence for my art and gain experience with graphic novels as well as improve my art skills.